Crohn’s dz

“The day that I was diagnosed as having Crohn’s disease, my husband came home with a flyer announcing a lecture by Dr. Kristy Vermeulen entitled “Improving digestion: Naturopathic Treatment Options”. I attended and learned with relief that there was much more to do than just taking the anti-inflammatories which was all my allopathic Dr. had prescribed.

During our consultation I told Dr. Vermeulen about the progression of my various ailments which had all ammassed in the last five years: asthma, a goiter, and Crohn’s, and she listened attentively. Quickly and decisively, she wrote down a clear outline of instructions, a very promising plan of attack.

After 6 months, I can say that my Crohn’s is gone, and even my asthma is dramatically improved (I’ve reduced my inhalations of Symbicort 200 from 2X/day to 1 every 2 days. I don’t even notice any asthma anymore!,) and at this point even my goiter is much less visible. But more than this, my energy is back entirely and I feel clearer in my head than I have in the last decade.
I have found in Dr. Vermeulen a health professional who listens to symptoms and cleverly devises combinations of natural medications and supplements to strengthen the entire system while alleviating the symptoms at the same time (by patrick). I feel heard, professionally cared for, and carefully attended to with effective tailor-made remedies, for the first time in my medical history.”