Extra Weight Could Be a Hormonal Imbalance

My AshaTea matcha boba fresca addiction speaks to my life long struggle with oh-so-tasty carbohydrates that have very little nutritional value. With time, exercise, and quite honestly some testosterone support, I’m left with only a vestige of my past love handles. So when a bubbly late twenty something woman walked in my office with weight issues, I finally found a way to connect with these millennials.

“I’ve been an athlete all my life and just thought my big legs were due to that. The next thing I knew they became thunder thighs and I have no idea why!” she expressed with a wiry smile. She hadn’t changed her diet or her activity level but struggled to maintain her new post-graduate school work/life balance. She had put on 25 lbs in the last year and wanted a quick fix using our HCG diet program known to drop 20-30 lbs in 30 days.  She just felt it was harder to get going and keep going and she thought it was just a process of getting older. So when a 29 year old starts to bemoan the travails of old age, I don’t gear up an epic eye roll for the ages but instinctive start looking for hormone issues.

70-80 percent of weight issues that walk into this office are due to hormonal imbalances. Whether due to low thyroid, high estrogen, low testosterone, high ghrelin, low leptin, or a combination, people often fight an uphill battle not against will power but against biology. New discoveries in neurotransmitter imbalances that involve orexin and dopamine contribute to satiety and weight management. So ironically sometimes it is just in your head but just not the way you think. And for this patient, after running a few lab tests, we found her thyroid suffering from an autoimmune attack.  Now she is being managed properly for her hypothyroid and finding weight management much easier. Her HCG diet program was more effective after receiving treatment for her thyroid and her thunder thighs have much less, well, “weight” in her life.

And for you it could be something similar or completely different. Maybe your struggle with weight isn’t just what’s on your plate. The struggle is real but the struggle shouldn’t be in the dark. Let us help you figure it out.

-Dr. Wang