Happy Hormones



Discover the Breakthrough Treatment Programs for Better Hormonal Health

Millions of women struggle every day with problems like low energy, unexplained weight gain, and dull moods, yet too often diet, exercise, and pharmaceutical drugs are thought to be the only available options. Hormones—the chemical messengers of the body—influence every single process in our bodies: they govern our growth, weight, and energy, as well as fight stress and anxiety, relieve depression, and maintain personal drive. Based on my popular six-week online course, Happy Hormones explains how hormones affect your day-to-day routine and provides expert guidance to help you identify your hormonal imbalances and treat them in a natural, healthy way.

Happy Hormones also includes:

  • Simple and effective self-assessments to help you diagnose your hormonal imbalances
  • 6-step hormonal balancing programs for adrenal, thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone imbalances
  • Tools to help you read your own hormonal messages so you can stay in tune with your body and improve your overall well-being
  • The FAQs of bioidentical and synthetic hormones along with a guidelines to help you to safely and effectively apply them in your treatment program
  • Nutrition program with over 45 delicious, healthy, and hormone friendly recipes
  • Expert guidance to feeling and looking young, healthy, and fabulous

Happy Hormones is a comprehensive, practical guide for any woman interested in balancing their hormones.  It will help you get back to your energetic, vibrant, and healthy self.   Representing an important application of a fast-growing branch of health science, Happy Hormones can help you shed unwanted weight and regain your energy for a healthy, fabulous life.

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