Spring is in the Air

Don’t forget to Stop and Smell the Flowers…with the help of Acupuncture!

Spring is on the horizon and just when you think Everything’s coming up Daisies, you’re clouded with a haze of pollen!.. That’s right!.. The excitement of actually seeing the sun for the first time in months, quickly turns into this frustration. Everything is so Bright & Beautiful ….and You can not smell a thing!

If this sounds familiar…Let me introduce you to my FAVORITE acupuncture point to open those sinuses!!


translated as “Penetrating the Nose”

How To Find It
Run your finger along both sides of the nose. The point is located in the depression immediately below the nasal bone.

Stimulating this acupuncture point can decrease nasal congestion and clear the sinuses…So, if you are suffering from seasonal allergies, it’s time to Spring into Action and make that appointment with your Acupuncturist today!

Happy First Day of Spring!